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Phocentric is a division of Banff Photography, the leading provider of professional and retail

photography services in Western Canada. Banff Photography serves thousands of visitors every year

traveling with Global Packaged Tour operators.


Banff Photography, through its’ experience and collaboration with visitors travelling on packaged tours,

has determined there is a unique opportunity to partner with your Packaged Tour business to offer tour

themed photo books. Not just any photo book, but a product we have named the “Journey Book”!

For more information about Phocentric’s Journey Book, please follow the link below for a white paper

describing this innovative new product.


The Phocentric Journey Book


Phocentric JB Promo Video Final from Banff Photography on Vimeo.


To discuss how Phocentric’s Journey Book infrastructure can be implemented into your company please

contact Douglas Otto at doug@phocentric.com


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